Time Zone

I’m in Arizona and the flight went fantastic it took only 2 hours 56 minutes. The kids love to be on the plane and they were trying to figure out the time change.  In North Dakota we have Central Time and in Arizona they’ve Mountain Time. They began to Google on why in the USA has different time zone. That keeps them busy for a while.

In North Dakota it’s two hours ahead of Arizona.  My oldest granddaughter just reminds me that I’m two hours younger. Yes, my grandkids can be very funny.

I went to Wal-Mart last night to get a few things and I call my hubby about 10pm I did forget the time change and he was already sleeping. Oops!  This time change can screw our time to go to bed, because by 8pm I was sleepy. At least for the next three weeks it would feel like that.



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