I’m passionate about many things like reading, cooking, and music, however I’ve days I don’t want to do nothing at all. Last week I’ve begun to plan for the baby shower and clean the house for the party and decorating for Halloween. All that passion and energy was a week ago. During the weekend I began to feel a little depressed, and when I’ve those feelings I get lazy, frustrated and feeling lonely.

Until I start to feel great again, I would take time to relax, read a little bit, play with the dogs, and watch some TV. Just now I turn on the computer to answer a few emails, read some bloggers, and write this prompt. I hope this week I would get better and be on track again. I need to make invitations, plan a few games, and buy a few things for the baby.

Tomorrow is a New Day and I will feel amazing again.




9 thoughts on “Passionate

  1. Relax...

    I’m planning and cleaning for a baby shower here, too! It will be this Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, daughter’s best friend and also her lady-in-laws are handling decorations and food, but seriously, the padt week’s cleaning that will still be happening this week is making me crazy!


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