My mother uses to tell me “not everything that it shines is gold” and “stop trusting everyone”. As a teenager, I didn’t understand it at all.  Of course over the years, those words begin more clear. My mother’s words stick in my head and I realize some of those famous mom’s quotes make all the sense of the world.

 I’ve always been a trusted person and for that reason, is easy being manipulated.  It makes me upset when they make me feel and look foolish. I know everywhere we go we can find that type of person, including in our own family circle. Those are the ones it hurt the most.

 I do realize is part of life and there’s no perfect world. We truly need to keep trying to do our best. I believe half of the time I’m a strong person, however when depression hits I turn into a helpless soul. It’s when my feelings get hurt easily.

 A few weeks ago, during my time of depression I received a card from my best friend who didn’t know I was in need of a friend. The card has this message “The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you.” The message came at the right time and what a moment for me.  I understand now “not everything that it shines is gold”, but then I realize I need to grab and keep the ones who truly shines.



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