The day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas we have plans to go the mall to take advantage of all the good deals. You know from 50-70% off the entire store, it can’t be missed. However, mother nature has more in store for the entire state of North Dakota. We got a Christmas winter storm and everything is closed.  No travel advised and if you get stuck in the snow you will get a ticket of $250. I’m glad they decide to make it an official. We have residents who doesn’t understand the risk of going out they not only they put their life’s in danger also others.

For today we will watch a couple of movies, of course when the girls wake up its 11:50am and still sleeping.  I also got for Christmas a new book so I’m ready for that, too. To everyone who is reading this post enjoy the day after Christmas because I will.  Also to my neighbors who are complaining about being inside just stop complaining you guys needs to move to Florida.

under the pile of snow it's my car
under the pile of snow it’s my car
back door
back door

6 thoughts on “The day after Christmas

    1. the reason is people wants to go shopping and they take their kids so when they get stuck they are risking not just them but the rescuers. they want people to be safe at all time. still today some roads still closed and people keep trying to drive on those bad roads instead of taking the ones already clean.

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