When I was ten years old it was the year 1970 and I was in 5th grade.  I remember the bullying it’s start when I was in third grade. A neighbor kid who just moved next to us start to teach me how to defend myself from those girls. Also, I remember getting in trouble with my mother who wants me to ignore them just to keep the peace. She thought if I ignore them it would go away. Little she knew how bad those girls were treating me at school.  So, I did defend myself punching their faces. And yes, they did leave me alone.

At ten, I received my first communion and I participate in the church children’s choir. I was a Girl Scout, obtain a few batches, and a group name “The Future Homemakers” where they try to teach me how to cook and sew. In 1970 I went to visit my grandmother in New Jersey for two weeks a trip I would make every two years until 1978.

At ten, I’ve begun to love reading and write a few short stories.  Some of them were good and some not so good. I’ve kept my notebooks in a box and last summer, my granddaughter who is twelve found the notebooks and begin reading them. I still don’t get any feedback from her. Remembering when I was ten it brings the memories of how hard it was trying to fit in.

If I Google 1970 I’m sure I would find interesting events that happens in that year, however this time I’m writing about a few of my memories.

Well, I’m going back to bed been sick for the past two weeks it’s not fun. I already missed two days of work and I need my rest.


Daily Post: Ten

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