I took an online class “Write your Life Story” and it shows you how to begin writing from the earliest memories of your life. When I begin to write from the 8-12 some of the memories became blurred. The loving and fun part, those are clear and sharp, however the one I called dark or nightmares those are blurred.  I want to remember so I can write and talk about it, but it looks I’ve been hiding them in the deepest of my soul. Do I want to dig those memories? I would say yes, so I can move on. If I kept them hidden they look, it never existed, however I know it’s there. Those memories have been hiding for so long, not even my parents know. That’s the reason I get depressed easily.



3 thoughts on “Blur

  1. It’s a tricky question if you want to bring up the nightmares of they lying rather easily covered in dust… The first perspective may be to realize if it is still poisoning you… If not let it go! Else it’s never too late to heal it 😀


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