What a week of controversy. I’m not talking about how the President of the United States has been acting. Yes, we all know how much he loves controversy and the drama. However, I would not waste a minute talking about him who is a disgrace for our country.

The controversy I’m talking about is about me. Sometimes I called myself a chicken because of my silly fears and I’ve a few. One of my fears is driving in the snow, especially when it’s dark outside. I can panic easily and that’s the reason my husband drives me to work during the winter. He went to Arizona for a week. He’s helping my daughter watching the girls who are on spring break. My daughter has to travel to Florida for conferences from work.

According to the weather forecast this past week was going to be warmer except mother nature always likes to play tricks. On Tuesday, we have a few inches of snow and guess what I panic also my car broke down. I was lucky to call my son and he gave me a ride to work. I felt embarrassed of panicking in front of my son. After all, he didn’t care. All day I was upset with myself so I decide to use my husband’s truck the next day and confront my fear.

I’m tired of feeling afraid of silly things, the next morning it took me a few minutes to be brave and I drive the truck. My heart was pounding so hard and I ended having a headache. I began to breath deep and pray. It took me 20 minutes to get to work, but I made it. It was hard confronting my fear, but I did. For the rest of the week I use my husband’s truck.

My husband would be back tomorrow and everything would go back to normal. He will fix my car and I will be back to work on Monday. The weather it’s getting warmer and the snow has melted.





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