I need this

I’ve been dealing with depression what it looks like forever. I’ve days I feel great, energetic, and positive wanting to do anything.  However, it can change in a second feeling opposite and wanting to be alone. The mood swings are interfering with my life and hurting the people I love. 

My family wants me to make a few changes like eating healthier, meditate, and take a break. Lately I’ve been taking everything seriously and too personal and I need to stop. I want to be the person I was before instead I’ve turned on this moody and cranky person. It makes feel guilty and unhappy.

The word “pause” is a reflection on what I need to do. I’ve to reconnect with all the things that it makes me feel blessed.  My daughter has suggested to disconnect with social media for a while such as Facebook. When I open my account, it was to reconnect with my family and longtime friends. In the beginning, it was exciting to find them to look at their family pictures and how much they have accomplished. However, the fun and the excitement completely gone. Facebook has turned into a bunch of complainers who loves to spread their negativity. Sadly, I’ve to eliminate some from my list of friends, including family members.

I won’t close my account.  I’ve nice people I care very much, I simply want to take a break. Very soon school will be over and my vacation will begin.  It will be time for camping with my grandkids also planning a few trips out of the state.

For now, I’m keeping my Pinterest and my blog. I feel relaxed when I’m blogging or pinning of course, watch a few TV shows, too. Taking care of myself will be good at the end it will take me on a journey to a new me.


Daily Post: Pause


9 thoughts on “I need this

  1. Did you know you can disable your main Facebook page but still keep your messenger active? It is in the settings when you try to delete. Another thing I don’t like about FB. You can never delete it, only disable it. But keeping the messenger active I can still connect with any friends on FB who want me to and send messages, photos, etc. it just isn’t there for resharing, etc.


  2. I recently did the same. I finally caved and joined the FB hamster wheel until it made me anxious, depressed and often self conscious. People get mean in there. I do have some wonderful friendships on my blog and on G+. I much prefer Google+ for social networking. I can connect with artists, photographers, writers and just nice folks. Hange in there. This world is a very up and down place. Iall it riding the wave. I see the wave cresting and can try to ride it all the way up or let myself be pulled under. It’s scary on top but definitely worth the scary moments.


    1. I’m only check a few minutes of FB and I still feel a little depressed. So much negativity, however I’ve good friends and family that I love and I can check on them. I just did a little clean up and my list of friends is getting smaller. I try Google + and I didn’t understand the process. Thank you for commenting.

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  3. Disconnecting from Social Media should be a priority. We have been lured into this technology that has taken over our daily lives. I have decided to take time off from entering into my social networks. Once we disconnect, our minds will re-boot. Taking time to be with friends and family outside of the internet is very pleasing for our souls. We tend to lose touch with reality and end up loosing valuable, precious time that cannot be taken back or repeated. I have been playing Bingo with my neighbors and going to the Casino, just to take time off from the internet. I do agree with your post. We all need a break from Social Media in order to recover from missing reality.


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