My mother introduces me to the world of perfume. I remember using her perfume and she would remind me not to wear too much. She uses to sell Avon and when I turned 13 she surprises me with Sweet Honesty. The smell was perfect for my age. Yes, it was a cheap perfume, however I didn’t care and I loved it. By the way I still do and I just bought recently a bottle. When I began working I did try others. Who remembers Charlie and Ciara? I wear them during my teenage years. Writing about perfumes that I use to wear it brings the good memories.  


Sweet Honesty

Sweet Honesty


4 thoughts on “Perfume

  1. I had a favorite Revlon perfume when I was dating Terry. He loved it too. Can’t remember the name any more, would be @ 1967-69. They don’t make it any more. Sad.


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