Feeling Better!

I began watching what I eat and walking about a two months ago. Since then I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m taking medication and I supposed its helping, too.  I’ve my days where I wake up feeling depressed and feeling lost. However, going walking every afternoon has been helpful. I love my walks, especially when my husband comes with me.

In two weeks, I’ve a checkup with my doctor and I anxious to see how my blood levels would be. It’s great when you feel healthy and stress free. I’ve my ugly moment; however, I feel I can control myself much better.


Daily Post: Better

2 thoughts on “Feeling Better!

  1. It sound like you are making quite a bit of progressing becoming a healthier and better you 🙂 I too like walking and it certainly a great form of exercise – you can go fast or go slow however you feel. On the days I feel depressed or not that happy, I like to do something to distract myself, be it taking a walk outside or coming here in the blog world to see what’s going on. Good luck with your fitness 🙂


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