Tracing my ancestors

For the past 4 years I’ve been tracing my ancestors. My family tree has been filling up with names and information of people I never heard. I get excited every time I discover a new name, marriage, children’s, and their different jobs. I can trace two generations on my mother’s side as my grandmother didn’t know much about her mother, however on her dad’s side I went four generations. I discover an interesting fact about my great grandpa. He has registered in the census of 1910 three families under three different names. Oh yes, he uses his real name on my grandma’s home, his middle name on a second family, and his nickname in the third family. Now I understand why I have all this grandmas and uncles when I was visiting with my mother her hometown.
On the other hands on my dad’s family, it has been difficult to find his mother’s side since he lost his mother at a very young age. My dad lost communication with his dad. After his mother passed away in childbirth, my dad who was two went to live with my grandpa’s cousins. They loved and treat my dad like their own child. I discovered a few months ago, my dad’s mother had a sister. She was in prison for a while in the 1930’s and have a child during that time. On my grandpa’s side, I went to three generations discovering they have properties and money. They’ve lost everything by the 1940’s. I did find records confirming what my dad had always told us he begins working in the fields at the age of 10.
I always love reading about history. That’s the reason I began to trace my ancestors. My family will never be in the history books; though, I’ve been discovering fascinating facts. The discovery of a child, which grandma -mom’s side-didn’t know about it or they didn’t want us to know. The discovery of their ages on when they’ve begun working and how young they’ve begun having children of their own. By the way some of them were very young. They went to school and as soon were ready the boys went to work in the fields and the girls helping their mothers. My mother uses to sew, others people’s clothes.
Finally, I resolved the mystery behind my name, from whom I was named for. All my siblings have been named after a beloved family member. In my case it was a different story. My dad decides to please his dad giving me the name of his mistress. Are you kidding me? I got trapped with the forbidden name. That’s the reason my dad’s family didn’t like it. My mother, well you can imagine. Yes, I get it now.
Tracing the past, it’s been a fun hobby, including learning the struggles and life of my ancestors. My grandkids have been learning about our family and they loved it, too. That’s my gift to them. My goal is to keep finding more stories to tell.

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  3. By doing mine, I learned that my paternal grandmother had a brother named Sylvester that didn’t live past his first birthday, and that both my paternal grandparents came from families of seven. That’s about all the interesting stuff I learned; Mom’s family is well-documented and the history has been passed from generation to generation…


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