After my cancer treatment, my sense of smell is extremely sensitive. I can detect any smell at a distance and I really don’t like it at all. I’m careful to use certain fragrances and I don’t like it when someone uses too much. My fragrances must be very soft with scents of flowers and citrus. When I feel depressed I look at the mirror looking for answers sometimes I can’t find. However, when I just need to put some of my favorite fragrances to feel at peace with myself.


Daily Post: Fragrance


2 thoughts on “Fragrance

  1. Margret, so sorry to hear of your cancer but I wish you success with the treatment. The change in the sense of smell is interesting, isn’t it. Some years ago I had pneumonia and lost my sense of smell. For many months after my illness I could smell nothing – no flowers, spices, food; even the burning toast. Life lost a lot of its enjoyment for me. Thankfully, over the course of about two years, some of the sense has returned, though not to anywhere near the acuteness of smell that I had previously. Still, I’m grateful to be healthy and hope that you will soon be too.


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