Praying for my family

Since Tuesday I don’t hear anything from my family in Puerto Rico. It was the last day I talked to my in-laws and my sister and my brother posted in social media a prayer for Puerto Rico. That was the last time I heard from all of them.

Two weeks ago, hurricane Irma caused a few damages affecting a low percentage of the island. For a few days they lost power and some sector didn’t have any water. However, this time Hurricane Maria hit from the center and the entire island has no power, no phone connection, they’re running out of water, and food.

Imagine Puerto Rico has approximated 3.5 million people and everyone in one way or another has been affected. Watching the TV News and looking at the destruction has been hard. Yesterday, New York send a few planes and ships with supplies.

I’m scared for their safety and wondered how much destruction this hurricane caused. What happened if they get sick and need attention? My in-laws are people in the eighties and my sister just have a surgery two weeks ago. Everyone who has family or friends in the island they have been in social media waiting to hear some News.

I’m sick into my stomach thinking all the difficulties they are going through. The frustration of not knowing from our loves ones it’s a nightmare. I’m hoping we can get more info as the days passed. I will keep trying to call every single phone number until one of them answers. I’m praying for my family and friends to be safe.

some streets in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
some streets in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

15 thoughts on “Praying for my family

  1. Relax...

    Many are praying for Puerto Rico, and I join my prayers to yours and theirs. I was just reading last night about how there’s no internet/phone communications (signals, etc) right now and also that they are thus trying to go door to door to see who needs medical help. More generators are being flown in (as you likely know as well) along with water, food and meds, and hopefully, it is only a matter of time before you hear from each and every one of your loved ones. I’m so sorry for their and your sufferings. ❤


    1. thank you… My in-laws area is flooded and deserted it so I don’t know where they are. And my sister didn’t leave her house and I don’t know a thing for that area. I keep trying with the phone I’m hoping soon she will get a signal.

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      1. Relax...

        We will go on praying. Waiting to hear from (and about) loved ones is unbearably hard. We all hope and pray that all are alright.


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