My Christmas tree it’s done. I was debating if I should decorate this year or not. It’s not even be three weeks since my dad passed away and I’m not ready for celebration. My grandkids had been asking for the decoration and they want to cheer me up. Every year I decorated my home in honor of my mother. Both of my parents love Christmas especially the family gathering.

I think it’s too soon, however the spark on my grandkids eyes brings a little of happiness in my heart. I have work to do with finishing the house. My villages and nutcrackers are next on my list.

A few minutes before he has the heart attack we were talking about decorating his bedroom. Now, his room is close and I don’t know if I can grant his wish.


Daily Post: Sparkle


5 responses to “Sparkle

  1. Your tree is beautiful! So sorry for the passing of your Dad.


  2. Oh, wow! Your tree is gorgeous!! 💖🎄💖🎄💖🎄. I am sure your dad would have loved it! Hope you find comfort in the joy of your grandkids 💖👶🏼💖👶🏼💖👶🏼


  3. Your decorations are lovely! I’m pretty sure both your parents can see them from where they’re at. ❤


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. :0(


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