#JusJoJan Daily Prompt Day 8th -Pants

The other day I was mentioning to my husband how much weight I’ve lost and no one from my family has said a word. The reason I was making the comment was my sister also has loss some weight. My family has made comments how great she looks. It’s true she looks great; however, why no one has noticed my weight loss. I didn’t get it. I’ve lost 35 pounds and she has loss 20.

However, my sister has bought new outfits in smaller size and for me I’m using the same large pants. Why? Beside I don’t have the time to shop for myself. I would like to wait to lose another 10 pounds. I need to confess I must go shopping. It’s time to join my sister shopping spree. It’s time to get rid of the large pants.

Linda’s #JusJoJan January 8, 2018 Daily Prompt is “Pants”.


10 thoughts on “#JusJoJan Daily Prompt Day 8th -Pants

  1. Congratulations on losing that 35 pounds! Thats fantastic! I know how hard it is. The hardest part is keeping it off. Maybe getting some new clothes will help you maintain? I’m sure it’ll give you an emotional lift. 🙂


      1. good for you!
        I do the same, I walk around the block at home. It usually keeps me from gaining. It’s when I go to work offshore that I gain. We have good cooks and I’m too tired after working 12 hour days to even try to work out (and can’t just walk)


  2. Congratulations!! I have lost fifteen and hope for another five. I am pretty much wearing the same clothes too. My goal was to fit into a pair of cut offs that I wore when my oldest son was about four or five months old. He is 44. Of course I won’ t be wearing them.. Lol For some reason I have kept them all of these years. I will be 67 next month.


  3. Relax...

    Congratulations on your weight loss! Well, why not get just one pair of smaller-sized pants for now, and more (smaller ones) after your desired next 10 lbs weight loss? Or is that what you were already thinking to do? 🙂


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