#JusJoJan 2018, the 14th ~Ultimatum

As a mother of three there was also an ultimatum. If they didn’t follow the house rules there would be consequences. I wasn’t as tough like my husband, but when they didn’t listen or follow the house rules they would be grounded.

On the other hand, as a grandma it’s a different story. We have the same house rules like when I was raising the kids, however when it comes to the grandkids I’m softer.

It’s funny how I can give them the ultimatum with a straight face and when they give me a pouty face I change my mind. They’re well-behaved, polite, respectful, and lovely. They don’t like helping with chores and when they visited they’re messy.

I always want to be the fun grandma as a result, I give the ultimatums to my kids. At this moment they’re living in my shoes also they’re pulling their hair.

This post was brought to you by Just Jot it January and prompted by the word “ultimatum,” provided by Itinerary Planner! Thank you so much! You can find Itinerary Planner’s JusJoJan post by clicking right here. Please go and say hi! To participate in the prompt, please visit this post, where you’ll find the rules and you can leave your link in the comments.

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