#JusJoJan daily Prompt January 15, 2018~Justice

Today in the USA we are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr birthday. Do we actually celebrate his birthday? Do we know exactly “The Dream Speech”? What kind of man he was? My personal opinion it’s another regular day with no school, no government offices open, and for businesses attracts customer with phony discounts. It’s a sad statement, but true.

We should be celebrating the life and achievements of this magnificent civil right leader. He would be 89. I wake up this morning to watch the News and they’re only talking about President Trump and his ridiculous remarks about racism. President Trump is dividing our country with his lies and vulgarity. I wonder what Martin Luther King would say regarding the racist remarks from the President. Where is Justice when we need it?


In response for Linda G Hill- JusJoJan- January 15, 2018.  #JusJoJan Daily Prompt for today is Justice by Barb at Gallimaufry.


2 thoughts on “#JusJoJan daily Prompt January 15, 2018~Justice

  1. I like a lot of what Trump has done so far, but I deplore his undisciplined, often vulgar, language. He would do himself a favor if he’d clean up his mouth. The irony is that his racism is used, often, to beat him up; but his record in business is that he has many people of color working in management in his enterprises. It doesn’t make sense, does it?


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