Prompt for #SoCS June 2/18 ~Home

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “your favourite word.” What’s your favourite word? Write about it, base your post on it, or just write about the concept of having one. Enjoy!

A week ago, my husband and I took my two granddaughters to Wyoming half away from Arizona. They went back home after school was over. My daughter finishes her school and she can take care of them without any worries. It was tough for my daughter going to school, working two jobs, and taking care of them. My daughter’s face was full of happiness.

I’ve always been close to my girls. I feel the emptiness of my home. I missed the conversations, watching our favorite tv shows, going every week to the library, and shopping. The house it’s so quiet I’m bored with nothing to do. Yes, laundry is done also the house is clean.

I admitted I love running around and been busy at all time. Yes, I do have two more grandkids who I take care of them during the week. However, I miss those girls the most. Since my dad passed away and not having the company of my dog I can feel empty. That’s the reason I’m missing them so much. I need to find something to do until I go back to work in August.

A home without noises and laughter it’s not a home.

last picture, before the goodbyes
#SoCS badge-2017-18

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