100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

This is the first time I’m participating in this writing challenge. Thanks to Bikurgurl for the photo prompt this week.

bikurgurl- june 6


The warm weather, the beautiful gardens, and the green grass it’s all here. Yes, summer is approaching and that’s the reason is my favorite season. Every year as soon begins the warm weather I begin to enjoy walking. I was surprise when I saw this beautiful picture by Bikurgurl it looks exactly like my neighborhood. Every year I’ve a goal of walking at least an hour and lose the extra weight. However, this year it’s different. My knees are hurting and I’m walking only for35 minutes. At least the little bit I’ve been walking it makes the stress goes away.



8 thoughts on “100 Word Wednesday: Week 74

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  2. Welcome to 100 Word Wednesdays! I’m so glad you found our little writing community 🙂 We welcome new people every week and hope you’ll join us there on Wednesdays, or whatever day works for you, to practice your craft and meet other writers 🙂 It’s surprising how many neighborhoods look so much the same. This is the neighborhood I grew up in and it looks so different to me as an adult, even different when I visited as a teen, than the days of my childhood. Good luck with the walking — it’s certainly good for you if it’s not hurting! I’m not sure of your situation, but after several injuries, I ended up getting an orthopedic consult and was advised to get specific kind of shoes to support my feet as well as custom orthodics — it’s made all the difference! See you next week 🙂


  3. Nice to read your post, Margret. I enjoying reading it. I usually prefer short posts like this one. You write beautifully. But don’t forget to keep on seeking ways to do everything better. That is how to excel in blogging. Bravo!


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