My son’s wedding

It has been a week since my son’s wedding. Every single detail of the wedding was perfectly done. Both sides of the family were emotional and my favorite part when they’re saying their vows. I can feel their love for each other.

My daughter arrives a few days before with the girls. I begin getting overwhelmed, however I kept my situation quiet. I didn’t want to shadow my son’s happiness. My daughter came with a mission of giving all of us facials, doing our lashes, nails, and hair. The first person in her list was the bride and then the groom giving making sure her little brother looks amazing. On Thursday the night before traveling to the bride’s hometown, my stress went over the roof. On Friday the rehearsal dinner went wonderful with a few lovely speeches and getting to know the rest of the bride family members.

The ceremony went beautiful and a few tears from both mothers were obvious. The moment of our dance was special, my son was nervous and said I will follow you mom. I was a proud mom and a tearful, too. Everyone had a blast.

I did have a few incidents with my anxiety and depression kicking a few hours earlier, however I made it through. I didn’t want him to notice it. The rest of the week has been a challenge isn’t until today I begin feeling better.



my son's wedding

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