My husband has been a wonderful supporter and he’s trying to keep myself distracted. Anyone who has been following my blog knows I’ve been suffering from depression. Since losing my father, my dog, and my girls moving back to their home I’ve been a mess. My daughter says everything happens at once. I know I can be strong, however lately I feel like a mess.

My husband is taking myself, my in-laws, and my grandson in a short vacation. We are in Rapid City, South Dakota. This is the perfect place to be with the family before I go back to work. We’ve already visited the Dinosaur Park, The Reptile Garden, Keystone town, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Monument.
Today, visiting Sturgis (78th motorcycle rally) and Deadwood. I’m working hard on myself to give everyone a smile and trying to relax.

In a positive note, I’ve a wonderful family who cares about me. I believe my husband has made the right call.

road to Mt. Rushmore


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SoCS~ Call

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