Tough Journey

My life has been a tough journey. One of my resolutions for this year was to take care of my health. Then again, it has been a tough one and I mean it. I can’t believe at this stage of my life, how the depression has taken over and changed my personality. The part I don’t like when it’s affecting my family and myself. I’ve stopped taking my MEDs since the week of my son’s wedding. It wasn’t doing any good. I decide to fight the depression with natural remedies and I still don’t see any improvements.

This weekend has been a tough one. I’m trying to keep my mind occupied with reading, coloring, or trying to write. However, these simple tasks are getting harder when I can’t concentrate and my thoughts are all over the place.

My husband found in Hulu a new series by Stephen King named “Castle Rock” and he wants to watch it with me. I need to be relaxed so I can be ready for work tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Tough Journey

    1. I will like to try a new product especially herbs than can help me. It’s on my list. Thank you for the recommendation. The meds I get from the doctors are making me feel worse with intentions to hurt myself and that’s the reason I have stop to take them until I can find something more safe. Thank you for reading and for the prayers.


      1. Your site is wonderful and so are you. Get a better doctor and do things to help yourself. The herb mixture is made by Nature’s Way called Ex Stress. I take it 3 times a day, which is the max. It helps me. I am not a doctor but know all about alternative therapies and east west medicine. Look into them and incorporate habits that combat depression in your life and work with a great counselor too. Go to a counselor or psychologist today if you are feeling like hurting yourself. Those feelings can be side effects from bad drugs. Whatever you do, take care of yourself, you are 100% worth it!!!!


      2. I read it. I can’t believe all that information. I stop taking those vitamins a few years ago and also some of those remedies I do have it in my home. I want to try it again. Thank you very much for the information I just saved it on my computer so I can have it handy. Thank you again, for caring.


      3. I will always be observant and compassionate and care and help when I can. sometimes I’m the only one that does care and I’m the only one who does Act, but when my action help change a life like yours in a positive way, it was worth it all.


  1. Transitions are always a bit difficult. You’d said your in-laws went back home after their long visit, and now the house seems so much quieter and emptier. It’s always strange to me when that happens, too. Hopefully, as you get back into the routine of school, the new focus will help, as will a new series to watch. (((hugs))) ❤


  2. hellolauren528

    Can I suggest not stopping meds? Sometimes the problem is that we’re not in the RIGHT meds. I’ve tried to do the natural thing and I find that I’m just a different person. It takes a good doctor to see that they may need to change things up if what you’re on isn’t working for you. I had a change in mind and it made a huge difference.


    1. They have change and increased my meds and they make me want to kill myself. I was so afraid of those thoughts that I quit taking them. However, my doctor suggest a test to check which meds are best for me. But my insurance doesn’t cover it. So at this moment I’m kind of lost. Thank you for your suggestions I will have a talk with my doctor to find a solution.


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