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It has been a tough week. The first anniversary of my father’s passing is almost here. To be exact he passed a Nov. 12th so on this Monday would be the first year. I’m glad we don’t work on Monday as we celebrated Veteran’s Day. You can imagine how emotional I’ve been feeling.

Meanwhile, my little granddaughter turns 2 and we just celebrated her birthday. I’ve to show a happy face for her and the family. It’s tough seem happy when your heart feels different. It brings the memories of last year when I was talking to my father about her birthday party and then suddenly he has the heart attack.

My oldest son who knows what’s going on with my depression wants me to be strong and be positive. Also, he recommends I stop watching depressing TV, especially the News. I know in my heart he’s right, however depression can be a tough battle hard to win.

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SoCS~ Meanwhile


5 thoughts on “SoCS~ Meanwhile

  1. So sorry about your dad and you having a hard time. So often the simple words “This too shall pass” help me through these dark times. And if that doesn’t help I’ll send a hug allong with it 🙋


  2. Life does go marching past us regardless of the yelling at it to stop for 1 second and let us grieve momentarily. May you be comforted in his memories and blessed in the joy of your grand-daughter.


  3. Depression is tough and magnifies the pain of losing someone, especially when you lose them suddenly like you did with your father. Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about it, and by all means stay away from the news. (And social media. Maybe especially social media.) You’re in my thoughts.


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