My first Bullet Journal

Last couple of days I’ve been running in cycles, disorganized, overwhelmed, stress out, wanting to finish my things and not having the time to finish. By the time it’s night time I’m frustrated, feeling crazy, and I want to scream.

A friend from work mentioned I should have a “bullet journal”. I do have a journal type of a diary, however after I did some research and I find it wasn’t the same. I found a “bullet journal” lets you record, track, and organize your tasks, events, and notes no matter where or when you need to add to your journal. It’s a personal organizer, planner, and calendar all in one.

Immediately, it got my interest. A journal that will keep me organized and not forgetting to make a phone call or an appointment. I got a chance to find examples of others bullet journals and they look pretty, colorful, and fun. I can use my colored pens and stickers. It’s a winner!

I’m starting mine tomorrow, April 1st I think this may work. I hope to keep this type of journal, maybe I stay organized and not forgetting to take my MEDs or make an appointment. Also, I want to keep track of my eating habits, my time for writing, reading, and my to-do list. It will be nice to accomplish my goals.

Do you have a “bullet journal”? What do you think? I hope it works for me.


4 thoughts on “My first Bullet Journal

    1. I agree. I wish they have it, years ago. My plan for this one it’s to create time for writing, blogging, and have time to finish my projects. I’m trying to take the stress out.


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