It’s working well

I made it through the month of April using my bullet journal. Except for the last week of April when I ended with a kidney infection and I almost ended in the ER. Most of the time I was in bed with lots of pain. I was treated with antibiotics for seven days and missed a day of work. Imagine working with that pain, feeling chills, and fever. I still made it through the day until Friday when I can’t handle it anymore. The pain is over and I’m feeling stronger by the day.


I was telling my husband since I’m getting closer to the big 6-0, I’m feeling too sick and old. He smiles, he knows when to be quiet. He’s a smart man.


Going back to my bullet journal for the first month it feels I accomplished a few things. It’s not a fancy journal with drawings or stickers, however it’s doing the purpose of keeping me on track and not forgetting the tasks that can later it makes me feel sorry for not finishing on time. Starting in May I make a nice page for scheduling my books for review and more time for writing for my blog.


What do I have for the month of May? Well, I’m counting the days for my summer vacation only 16 days of work (school ends on the 24th). Preparing a few trips for the summer and to be with my wonderful girls who are also waiting to spend time with grandma.












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