Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “adverb.” Start your post with any adverb and just run with it. Have fun!


Finally, one more week of work and the beginning of my summer vacation. Someone at work asked if I was planning to find a summer job. I told her I don’t need a summer job since I’ve saved money for the nine months I’m been working. I felt she wasn’t to thrill and she made a remark on how much my husband likes to spoil me.


Last night I asked him if I should apply for a summer job. He says we have money saved and he actually likes the idea of me being home. We can go anyplace at any time without me requesting time off from a job. We both are careful with spending when and we go out for dinner twice a month. The only thing I love to spend money is in books, however I’m all set up. I got three Barnes and Nobles gift cards for Mother’s Day and I will visit my public library any time. So, I won’t miss any releases I want to read.


Finally, my husband bought my plane tickets to Arizona to pick up my granddaughters. They’re staying for a month. We are planning a trip to South Dakota in the middle of June and a quick trip to Florida to see my aunt. Who needs a summer job?


To my friend who made the remarks how spoiled I am. Yes, it’s true, I’m spoiled. However, after being married for 35 years we can spoil each other. I’ll enjoy my time with the grandkids, finish some projects, and take care of myself. It will be a great summer vacation.

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2 thoughts on “SOCS~”Adverb”

  1. And that dear Margaret is what summer should be for all teachers. you need to rejuvenate so in the fall you can handle it all again. And you have a wonderful and loving husband. Enjoy the grandkids.


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