Where is the kindness?

The other day I went shopping and they’re an incident in the parking lot. Somebody took a parking space when another driver was waiting for it. It made me think how much people has changed. These days people are living in a rush and some of them not even have any respect for others. They don’t follow their Stop signs, they run of red lights, and they speed and cut in front of you like there is a “no tomorrow”. They’re usually rude, angry, and selfish.


A few weeks ago, a lady in a rush almost hit my car because she wants to take the closest parking space. It makes me upset not for the space, however of the way she was driving without considering my granddaughter was in the car. She didn’t care, she just wants to run her errands as quickly as possible.


A couple of times in Arizona my daughter has to tell a few drivers to chill. They don’t even wait a few seconds for the red light to change, immediately you can hear the horn. My goodness, that was annoying. Why this generation has to live in this rush? That’s one of the reasons people are so stressed out.


Where is kindness? It’s rare and sad if you hear a hello or, a good morning. It is possible that people can change because what I see it’s a new generation growing with a terrible attitude and no manners.

9 thoughts on “Where is the kindness?

  1. Totally agree, Margaret. If we want to see kindness restored, we have to start at home. It spreads from there, and I’ve been making a habit for at least a year now to always smile at anyone who crosses my path. Sometimes I get it back, sometimes with a verbal greeting. Sometimes the other person glances away. That’s ok. It’s a small thing to offer a smile.


    1. I try to do the same, however I have a bad experience. A parent at my school says to me seeing me smiling it was annoying for her. So, now I try not to look to happy, I supposed some people don’t like that.


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