SoCS~ “Where”

Where time goes? It has been two months since I went to Arizona to pick up my two granddaughters. For the past two months we did a few trips, went to the library, visit the zoo, the girls visit their friends, shopping, and we’ve plenty of talks. My oldest granddaughter is turning 15 in a couple of weeks and it’s already a freshman.

I keep thinking how fast time goes. My grandbabies are growing too fast. A week ago, I took them back home. Their school already begun and I’m back home missing them already.

I’ve two more weeks before I’m back to work. The school will begin on the 22nd. Of course, I’ve to start a few days before to get ready the kitchen, staff meetings, ordering the food, and prepare for the big day.

Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the rest of my vacation. I’ve to finish a few projects and spend time with my other two grandkids who also are missing the girls.

Where time goes? I wish, I can make time slow down. In the meantime, it has been a fun summer and I’ll keep enjoying what’s left.

This post was written for Linda G Hill’s SoCS “where” which you can join in here:

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