SoCS~ “tast”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-tast-.” Find a word that contains “tast” and use it in your post. Enjoy!


Lately I’m doing SoCS prompt on Sunday morning when I’ve the chance to sit and enjoy a quiet morning and a tasteful coffee. It’s the only time I can do some writing, sit, and relax. Otherwise, I’m cleaning, working, cooking, or watching my granddaughter. She’s two and full of energy with an imagination and love for painting. As a ginger she’s a tough girl and funny. My eyes are on her at all time, because her final touches would be on her arms and face. She thinks it’s funny.


The only time I’ve a break from not watching her it’s on the weekends. My Saturdays are for cleaning, groceries shopping, and laundry. Sunday morning is my time and do you see I said it’s only the morning, because as soon my husband is up the quietness is gone. So here I am in my quiet living room having my tasteful coffee going into my second cup and enjoying the moment.


Okay, my time is up!

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