SoCS~ “Loud”

A few years ago, I used to have my kids running around the house and be loud. The kitchen was the most important part of the house with the bathroom being the second. I didn’t have the time to sit down and the days didn’t have enough hours to do everything it has to be done. My three children were talkers, very active, and they would fight for the TV. I missed those days.

Years passed and my adult children have moved out and have their own families. Now they are the ones with a loud house, meanwhile I have an empty nest. My home gets so quiet that I get bored. The housework is done quickly, it takes 2 small loads of laundry a week. If I wanted, I can skip a week of laundry.


I miss the old days; I remember running to the bathroom and I have to wait long minutes until one of my children would come out. I missed the calling “mom” or “grandma” when they need something or they were hungry. I love it when they all come to spend time together and I can hear the loud voices and the laughs. Next week I will have a full house for Christmas I can wait to have a loud house again.




















SoCS~ “Loud” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

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