SoCS- disconnect

For this weekend I’ve disconnected myself from social media (so far so good). My phone is full of notifications from friends and family; however, I need this. Too many posts about the coronavirus, politics (this is an election year), and too much negative information from other places that I decide I need a break. I wish some of my Facebook friends would post more positive messages. I love reading funny posts, cute messages or pictures of pets however the panic about the virus or the insults of the politicians has been a Facebook favorite.

It has been a nice quiet Saturday. This morning I did a little cleaning and later read a book. Then again, I remember “Saturday equals SoCS prompt” so I took a few minutes to write a post. I won’t check Facebook until Monday. As soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m going to watch a movie with my husband. Of course, we are debating which movie to watch.

Good night everyone it’s time to disconnect. My husband decides to watch Netflix Lost in Space season 2. I’m ready with my glass of wine.


SoCS~ “ect” (disconnect) is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


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