SoCS~ “Practice”

After weeks of social distancing, this situation is driving me nuts. One thing I’m grateful for my husband and I are still working. The place he works have then on rotation and the days he’s at home he’s on called, taking classes online and gets paid.

In our schools, the teachers and administrators are working from their home except for the custodians and us the kitchen staff. We have been bagging breakfast and lunches for the kids and parents will pick it up between 11-1. Our district has twelve schools and only five are open to prepared and pick up lunches and mine it’s one of them.

To keep everyone on the payroll they send the other staff kitchen to the open schools. In our school, two other elementary kitchen staff are working with us. I also have to rotate the staff because of the social distancing only eight can be at the building. When we are off, we also get paid but we have to be on called until 1. Everyone gets along very well and the schedule has been working great.

With this pandemic and social distance, we are having some tough times. As a group, I can see how everyone has been affected by this coronavirus. We missed our routine, our students and the rest of the staff members. We don’t know when the schools will be back to normal. We have 24 days of school left and not seeing the students has been tough.

I’m feeling bored, tired and listening to the News it’s making me anxious. My pile of books to read is down to two. What I’m going to read next? I can’t go to Barnes and Noble’s they are limiting customers inside the store and I need my time to find good books. I guess I can download books on my kindle, however, I love the touch of the books it feels right.

What about the word “practice” for this prompt? It looks like I didn’t use it at all. The only thing I can say that I have been practicing my lettering for my bullet journal. But with this feeling of being bored nothing looks fun anymore. Also, with the social distance, I’ve never realized I’m a hugger and I missed it.


SoCS~ “Practice” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

2 thoughts on “SoCS~ “Practice”

  1. Sometimes the revelations pile on and you’ve got a lot in here. Everyone’s routine has been disrupted and it’s thrown us all for a loop. Hang in there.


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