I have been doing my family tree for around five years. Yesterday, a lady contacts me in Ancestry following her curiosity about having the same relatives. After a little bit of sharing information, she was my mother’s cousin on her dad’s side.

I don’t remember her; however, she mentions she did visit us when I was young. I do remember her mother and my mother talking about her aunt. We exchange information about our relatives and she sends me a few pictures of my grandfather, her uncle. I’m very happy to finally have a few pictures of him. He died in the ‘70s. I was a teenager and we didn’t get to see him as much as we all wanted. There were a lot of family issues that cause a little bit of distance between the families. A valuable lesson that later in life no one will never forget.

This is my grandfather the way I do remember him tall, big glasses, and wearing his hat.



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  1. I’m so glad you were able to connect to this lady and get soome pictures of your grandfather. It’s sad that family issues got in the way of you truly getting to know him.


  2. I’ve been working with Ancestry and 23andMe, and recently found some people who were my grandmother’s nieces and nephews. Never met them, but they knew about me and my brothers, including my half-brother Mom had with her second husband. Grandma kept us all from seeing one another, for whatever reason: they all lived in my old neighborhood in Chicago.

    As I was banging around on Ancestry one day, I found a picture of my grandmother’s oldest sister Estella. I contacted the woman who had it on her family tree, and it turns out she was the daughter of Estella’s husband and his second wife. She apparently had been in touch with my grandmother and knew all about me and my family…


    1. It’s awesome. I have been found lots of relatives I didn’t know about. Also the names of my greatparents and where they come from. Lots of history and lots of work, too. I’m glad we can get in touch with family. I do love Ancestry.

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