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Our Governor has opened the state since Friday, May 1st with some guidelines. In our state, 80% of the people think it’s too soon, meaning he has listened to the 20% of the people who wants to go to restaurants, beauty salon, bars, and gyms. From a quiet town, fewer cars on the highways and our streets now you can hear all the noise again.

The lines of vehicles to go in those places are huge. They already have a few fights at the bars and the cops have been busy. And my daughter has been receiving phone calls for hair appointments. For the next couple of weeks, she will be extremely busy.

The 20% has spoken and my personal opinion they’re risking others’ health. The 80% was just asking for another week and open a little bit at a time. Meanwhile, my family and I will take precautions to keep using the mask and be careful where we can go. I hope the business will follow the guidelines and directions the Governor has put in place.


SoCS~Direction is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

4 thoughts on “SoCS~ Direction

  1. I personally doubt one week will make that big a difference one way or the other. If things should still be closed up, then maybe for another month. But then you’d have the same situation: folks so glad to cast off precautions and just get out.


    1. Yes, 40 more cases today. The Governor have been telling everyone to be smart and be careful, however my husband went yesterday to the store and the majority wasn’t wearing any mask. It’s sad how irresponsible someone can be.


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