SoCS~ “Chocolate”

Chocolate and cheesecake are my weakness. It’s hard to control this unhealthy habit especially when you have children in the house. I get very cranky and desperate for sweets. My husband always ended running to the store to get some of my favorite sweets.

I have changed my diet numerous times and after a few days I can resist having sweet. Diets don’t help me at all. When I am on a diet my cravings for sweets intensified and I get moody. The longest time I have been without any sweet it has been for a week also. Of course, it all depends on the situation. I check my sugar levels daily and they are high.

At this point I don’t what else to do and how I’m going to control my cravings. I know I have to keep trying to lower my sugar. I already clean up my stash of sweets. I almost cry, really not kidding. Also, everyone it’s aware that I have to do this. If my girls or husband want a sweet, they need to get the ones I don’t like. Let’s see how it goes especially my mood.


SoCS~ “Chocolate” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

9 thoughts on “SoCS~ “Chocolate”

  1. I have a lifelong love affair with chocolate. Since following a high-fat low carbohydrate lifestyle things have improved. I stick to the dark chocolate now and am able to limit myself to one or two squares per day – delicious with coffee. My other temptation – croissants! During the lockdown, my hubby has been buying them too often!
    Hang in there – don’t give up everything – a little goes a long way. I find that if I eat properly at mealtimes and keep hunger at bay I can stop myself from eating the wrong thing. If you deprive yourself completely you will fail. Try to stick to the diet but give yourself the odd treat from time to time.


      1. You are not weak – it is perfectly normal to crave certain foods. Just find the right balance for you and make sure you’re not hungry – high fat foods are more satisfying for longer. Carbs make you hungry and that’s why you crave more.


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