This week’s prompt it has been a tough one maybe I’m overthinking. It’s hard to write something interesting. One word came to my mine “spray”. Since the virus, I have been spraying disinfectant all over my house twice or three times a day. I use 3-4 bottles of disinfectant per week. I know I’m spraying too much and my allergies are getting worse. I’m already cutting down to every other day but I wonder if I’m risking my family. I keep my house decently clean I don’t live in a magazine home. So, when I spray the disinfectant its smells fantastic and makes me feel safe.


SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill

4 thoughts on “SoCS~”Spray”

  1. Spraying disinfectant around the house two or three times a day? Yes, I believe that would make your allergies worse. I know we couldn’t handle that amount of chemical in the air — and I’m afraid it would kill my house plants, of which I have many. 🙂


  2. Isn’t it strange how one day you can write something you love and then other days you can’t think of a thing? I had an assignment for a class that I am taking and it was to write a short fiction piece and I could not think of one thing to write about to follow the guidelines that were set for me. It was so frustrating!


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