SoCS~ “Nail”

I have been busy cleaning, decluttering the closet, and planting my flower garden. Like everyone I need my nails done. Every year after I’m done with school, I call for a manicure. I love having my nails done. However, they just start opening the nail salons and the next available appointment is close to when school started. As kitchen personnel, I can’t wear any nail polish and my nails have to be very short. What a bummer I won’t pay that much money for a few days. My nails look terrible, this afternoon I begin a homemade treatment for my hands and I pick a pretty nail polish. The nail polish didn’t last not even an hour. They have already peel off or smudge. I’ll keep doing the homemade treatment for my hands. And for coloring my nails until I get tired or frustrated. Anyway, by the first week of August, my nails will be cut short.

SoCS~ is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


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