SoCS~ Song

I didn’t look at any picture.  I have been in bed for weeks; the depression has been tough. I didn’t want to be up and everything around me it’s a mess. I look at the mirror and I’m a mess and my house it’s terrible.

On Wednesday, I came out of my bedroom to visit the doctor and she changes my MEDs. After a long talk with my doctor, I decided enough was enough. I begin cleaning the house step by step because I still not motivated it. Also, I have been listening to the radio. I love listening to Air One radio station where they play Christian music. The song that came first it’s from Lauren Daigle “You Say”. You can imagine my face, my heart was pounding hard, and I finish the song with tears.

I’m tired of suffering from depression. I’m hoping with the new MEDs I will finally have it under control. Also, I will start counseling very soon.

SoCS~ Song


11 thoughts on “SoCS~ Song

  1. Hi, Margret. I am Marge, my dad used to call me Marget, my mum called me Maggie. If I HAD to be named after my mother’s sister, Margaret, why couldn’t I be named Mairead? 😦


    1. Interesting. Well, my name is Margarita (pronounce like the drink)and my mom uses to called me Margret and at school it was Maggie. I like Margret better also some people it’s kind of lazy and call me Margarit (no “a”) sounds french. I have to correct them because I don’t like it.


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