SoCS~ “Pro & Con”

School starts in two weeks and parents are excited about the kids being out of their home. We will have a restricted guideline including wearing a mask. Some parents don’t like the idea of their kid wearing a mask all day. So, immediately they start to complain. Some of them are going too far with this issue and they’re overreacting. They’re making the situation more complicated than it is. They should be pleased and happy we will have school. Also, they have a choice to have their kids using the distance learning program for the first nine weeks if they don’t feel it’s safe.


What’s the con and pro of wearing a mask in school? And what about us the staff? I work in the kitchen cooking and serving so imagine how hot it’s going to be.


So, the pro of wearing a mask to school will be the protection and safety of every student and staff member.  And the con of wearing the mask it’s some difficulty of doing our jobs properly and the concentration of the students when it gets hot. Also, and some of the kids don’t understand the importance of washing hands, keep your hands to yourself, and the social distance. With all the guidelines we will have it’s going to be an interesting school year and a challenge. Let’s see how it works.

SoCS~ “Pro & Con”

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