SoCS~ “tion”

Since the pandemic, I have no motivation at all. I try to read or write however nothing it’s inspiring. Then I went to the doctor and I have rheumatic arthritis in my knees. I told him to keep adding more and he reminds me of my age. I thought being 60 was the new 50s it’s not what everyone says. To everyone that’s a big fat lie. Hahaha!

I’ve been back to work and it’s exhausted. I’m wearing a mask all day. I cook for the students and standing on cement floors it’s caused more pain in my knees. Not to mention we don’t have air conditioning as a result the kitchen is hot as an oven. When I get home, I want to sit down on my couch and not move at all.

I started meditation not too long ago, it has been helpful. I will end sleeping. And for arthritis, there is no solution it will get worse with age. Nothing I can do there.

Of course, the best medicine for all these aches and tiredness would be a nice vacation. That’s what I told my husband. Oh yeah, I’m ready for a nice vacation.

SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


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