SoCS~ Old/New

I’m doing my fall cleaning. I can’t believe how much stuff I have accumulated during all these years. A lot of old clothes, towels, and sheets. The hard part is getting rid of my kids’ stuff. I know I don’t need to keep every single art project or notebooks. Their bedroom closet is full of school papers, old toys, and clothes. It’s time to start downsizing. I talk to the three of them and they can pick up whatever they want to keep and the rest has to go. As my husband and I get older we want fewer things to clean.  Besides I’m getting lazy with age and less cleaning it will be better. Also, I will love to buy a few new things that I will like to have before I retired. I will love to buy a new mattress and a new couch.

For now, I got three boxes for donations and two bags in the garbage. The cleaning it’s not over but at least I’m seeing some progress.

SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill

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