#JusJoJan prompt the 31st “Candy”

I always have a sweet tooth. I crave candies all the time.  I have type 2 diabetes and I need to be more careful.  I have to take three different types of pills to control my sugar levels. So, you can imagine when those cravings start it’s tough to stop. It has been a challenge. I clean up my house of all sweets. However, my big challenge it’s at work. They always have sweets in the lounge and it’s tough to ignore. My favorite candy is chocolate kisses. And with Valentine’s day approaching who can resist. My family knows best and they won’t buy anything, but I’m worried when I’m at work.  Sorry, I’m weak.  I loved chocolate kisses and yes, too weak. Hooray for candy!


#JusJoJan prompt the 31st “Candy”


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