JusJoJan the 7th- “tempest”

My first week of the year has been a tempest week. I have the worse flu can someone have. I already missed two days of work. I’m tired of being in bed, not being able to eat, and my body feels like breaking into pieces.  I wasn’t expecting to be this sick.

Then we are experiencing winter storms and frigid temperatures. These past couple of days were the coldest with a temperature of -23 and with the windshield feeling like -41.  I went yesterday to the doctor’s office and it was a miserable ride. Icy roads, cold and windy you got the picture. A long drive. As soon I went back home, I put on my pajamas and went back to bed.

Have a great weekend and I’m out again.


This daily prompt it’s brought to us by Liz.  Thank you!

JusJoJan2022 by Linda G. Hill

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