SoCS~ on my plate

At this time in my life, I can say it’s a half and a half on my plate. At work, some days are more stressful than others however we have smiley days, too. In my personal life, I have been calmer. I’m taking Meds for the past two years for depression and I’m still working on a few issues.

I have learned to be careful who I have around and to separate myself from the ones who cause a toxic environment. Including a few family members.  I did cut down on social media and deleted a few accounts.  It’s been helpful.

I’ve learned how to handle the unhealthy situation and certain days can be challenging. I do have lovely days where my mind feels calm and peaceful. I have my “me time” and “quiet time” where I’m reading and journal. Play days with my grandkids and quality time with my husband.

The holidays have arrived and with the holidays the stress can fill my plate extremely fast. I simply need to take the time to breathe. It can be a challenge.

SoCS- is hosted by Linda G. Hill


SOCS- favorite word

I have a few words that I love and sometimes it looks like people are forgetting them. Like this one: kindness, friendship, honesty, etc.

With the election coming next week people are getting ugly. The world has changed to be dominated by those people who don’t care about others. It’s sad to watch the News and see people being treated by an insensitive human being. Also, they are so proud of themselves that they are wearing a mask. How ugly these people can be. It’s one reason I have deleted my Twitter account being bullied it was enough.

My concentration will be to care about the people I love, to pray for whoever wins the election, and to be conscious of people’s needs.

SoCS is hosted by Linda G. Hill


One-Liner Wednesday~ I’m back!

“You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.”~ Anonymous


I’m happy to be back blogging. After two months of recovering from surgery, I’m ready. I have lots of things to catch up on, however, I feel rejuvenated.

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Badge by Laura @

One-liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill