Blogging U


I have joined this month’s Blogging 101 challenge.

Who I am: My name is Margret this is my blog, My Dreams,… I started blogging a year ago and I’m still need to learn. The blog started as a class project when I decide to take an online class about blogging. I have just six weeks to create the blog with a theme, title, and design. I know my blog is kind of messy and that’s why I’m taking this course. One of my dreams is to be a writer and that’s one of the reasons I’m having this blog so I can practice my writing as well. I’m from Puerto Rico living in North Dakota for the past 20 years. English is my second language and that’s why sometimes my words are raw. Sorry about that.

Now why am I here? I want to learn how to express myself with my writing. I have been picking in other blogs and they are so created it that I will love to learn how to do the same. I want to take this challenge and take it to the next level and so that’s why I’m here.

I’m also going to be Writing 101. I can’t wait. Let’s have fun!


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