One Liner Wednesday & JusJoJanuary 25th- Forgiveness

Forgiveness is giving yourself the gift of Peace! – Anonymous


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JusJoJanuary the 15th, 2023-Gratitude


I keep a daily gratitude list in my journal. I’m grateful for my health, my family, my work, etc.

However, for this weekend I’m grateful for having my two-year-old grandson spending the weekend with us. It was a three-day full of fun and watching Coco Melon.

My son just picked him up a few minutes ago. I’m grateful for all the hugs and kisses I received this weekend.

Written as part of Linda G. Hill Just Jot Jan and submitted by Carol Anne check out her blog.

JusJoJanuary 2, 2023! “Constellation”

Growing up I was fascinated by the stars. Lying on the balcony looking at the sky. However, I never got to identify the constellations, for me I did not see the form or shape as others did.  I was terrible at that. My younger sister would see the big dipper, the bear, and the planets and there I was staring at the sky with no clue. I still look at the sky with no clue. I am a Gemini, and I would like to see the constellation of the twins.

Thank God for books I can read about it and read my horoscope. No matter if I look at the sky and have no clue.


Written as part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot Jan and submitted by Willow check out her blog.

JusJoJan January 1st, 2023 “Resolution”

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 1st, 2023, is “resolution.” Use the word “resolution” any way you’d like. Have fun!

This is what I’m keeping this year that works for me:

  • Last year, I used the word focus to guide me in all my goals. My new word for 2023 is “Confidence”.
  • My planner keeps me organized.
  • I use habit trackers for my medicines, chores, weight loss, and writing my feelings.
  • More reading
  • Blogging twice a week

New challenge for this year:

  • Listening to a podcast – I was introduced to podcasts a month ago.
  • I would like to do some crafting.
  • I would like to take a class on Life Coaching to help me achieve my goals.
  • Get the right information and begin the process for retirement. I would like to retire by 2024.

And most important enjoy my family, be Happy, and be Grateful for what I have and will come. Wishing everyone in 2023 a year filled with love, laughter, and health.

JusJoJan January 1st, 2023

JusJoJan the 27th, 2022- “Understanding”

I’m too old to understand this new generation or maybe I forgot how I raised my own children. For example, my granddaughter who is 14 turning 15 in March had all these emotions and feelings and I don’t know what to tell her.

She lives in Arizona with her sister and my daughter.  Recently she began to want to move back to North Dakota with us. She argues that mommy works all day, she doesn’t have any friends, and she doesn’t like Arizona.

My reaction as a grandma it’s lovely and sweet that she wants to be with us. What she doesn’t understand is that she needs to be with mommy. She needs to stop using the excuse of being alone and blame mommy for being working. I know she’s acting like a typical teenager but also, she needs to stop acting silly because everyone has to work including us.

I don’t understand her change of moods. It’s making me feel sad and I cry with her but she can’t do that to mommy.

We asked her all about what was bothering her at home or school. Her response it’s the same is she’s bored and does not like Arizona.

Understanding a teenager has become tough enough. I don’t know what to say anymore. I hope this goes away quickly and she can enjoy being a teenager.

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JusJoJanuary the 23rd, 2022

I guess we all have survived everything that has come into our life. Who doesn’t have survival skills?

I have survived growing up in a neighborhood with a group of bullies waiting for an opportunity to grab my arm or hair. Then, the pressure of being a teenager and surviving high school. With the adult years comes marriage, children, jobs, noisy neighbors, and my health.

Yes, we are survivors in one way or another. We all do.

Here I am a survivor, I have beat breast cancer. And I will continue to survive until the day I die.

JusJoJan hosted by Linda G. Hill

The word “surviving” is provided by Wendy. And please visit her blog. Thank you!