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SoCS~ “co”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “co-” Find a word that uses “co” as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!


I’ve a very good Saturday with no depression and focus on going back to work. I went shopping, taking advantage of the sales for the back to school. I bought a few pants, shirts, and new tennis shoes. I call my coworkers just to check a few things with them. On Monday, we will begin prepping the kitchen, putting away our first delivery, and having our first staff meeting. So, for the next couple of days I will be a busy lady between meetings and prepping for the first day of school on Thursday.


After I came home from shopping, I relax doing some coloring, begin reading a few chapters of a new cozy mystery, and of course have my cup of coffee. I conclude my day watching an episode of Veronica Mars and be in my computer. I’ve to take advantage of staying late because tomorrow night everything will change.


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SoCS~ “Where”

Where time goes? It has been two months since I went to Arizona to pick up my two granddaughters. For the past two months we did a few trips, went to the library, visit the zoo, the girls visit their friends, shopping, and we’ve plenty of talks. My oldest granddaughter is turning 15 in a couple of weeks and it’s already a freshman.

I keep thinking how fast time goes. My grandbabies are growing too fast. A week ago, I took them back home. Their school already begun and I’m back home missing them already.

I’ve two more weeks before I’m back to work. The school will begin on the 22nd. Of course, I’ve to start a few days before to get ready the kitchen, staff meetings, ordering the food, and prepare for the big day.

Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying the rest of my vacation. I’ve to finish a few projects and spend time with my other two grandkids who also are missing the girls.

Where time goes? I wish, I can make time slow down. In the meantime, it has been a fun summer and I’ll keep enjoying what’s left.

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SoCS~ “Frame”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “frame.” Use it as a noun or a verb or any way you like. Have fun!


I’ve have been organizing my old pictures and photo albums. I’ve a plastic container full, you know, this is before it became digital. My granddaughters were excited to see old family pictures and for myself, I became a little nostalgic. Looking at the photos it brings the memories, especially when I found a picture of my parents with me as a baby sitting on my dad’s lap. I began telling stories about family members who are not with us anymore.


They want a few pictures to make their own photo album so I made two small piles. I’m framing a few of my favorites and making a family wall. At this moment I only have on the wall some wedding pictures. However, I need to frame, baby pictures of all of us, grandkids, trips, and oldie family members. This is a project I will like to have done before I go back to work. I can’t wait to go shopping for different shapes of picture frames.


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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “chew/choo.” Use one or both, any way you’d like. Have fun!


The only think it comes to my mind is when my beloved it dog use to chew on anything she had in front of her. Just the other day I was thinking of her it has been a year and a half since she died. She used to have a little space in my closet where she would take her toys and anything, she can find no matter if it wasn’t hers.


My little stinker used to grab my shoes and chew on them. Her favorite was my work shoes. If I can’t find them, I would find it in her space.


Thus, it’s all I have for today. It’s nice outside and from my window I can see my flowers are in full bloom. Today I’m taking the girls to the zoo. And tonight, I will be watching Stranger Things season 3 who just came out.


Have a wonderful Saturday. Oh, I can hear the train choo, choo….

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SoCS~ “for/fore/four”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “for/fore/four.” Use one, use ’em all, use ’em any way you want. Bonus points for using all three. Enjoy!


June it’s almost over and for the most part of the month it has been chilly and breezy. However, by the end of this weekend it would get warmer.


I’ve accomplished a few things during the month of June from my summer bucket list. Including reducing the pile of books I’ve been accumulating on my nightstand. I didn’t realize how many books I was piling up and every time I visit Barnes and Noble, I keep buying more. I’m not counting what I’ve downloaded on my Kindle Fire. I’ve already read four books.


For the month of July our family trip to SD, we’ve a few more camping at the lake, and the ND state fair. My granddaughters would be heading back to Arizona by the end of July so we’ve to enjoy every minute.


So far, this summer has been a great one. My depression has been in control, however a few days ago, not so good. I’m taking a day at a time.

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SOCS~ Leaves

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “leaves.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!


It’s officially summer. I’ve been waiting to enjoy the warm weather; however, it has been raining and windy and it feels chilly. I’ve been wearing long sleeves and if I want to be outside using a blanket. A bit different from when I was in Arizona a couple of weeks ago and the temperature was 110 degrees. Yesterday, the high was 67 degrees and today’s forecast by 2pm to be 75 degrees.


My garden is growing beautifully and it’s beginning to bloom. I’ve a few trees in my patio including an apple tree they’re already full of green leaves. We will have a lot of apples this year. I love sitting on my patio and enjoy the green leaves. I’m hoping we can get a warmer summer very soon I’ll love to put away my long sleeves and have a nice lemonade instead of hot chocolate.

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SOCS~ Cozy

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rhymes with rosy.” Find a word that rhymes with “rosy” or use the word “rosy” and base your post on it. Enjoy!


Sitting in my cozy chair I’m officially on vacation mode. Yesterday after goodbyes and tears from our 5th graders who are going next fall to middle school I felt relieved of another successful year. For the ones who doesn’t know me, I’m the cafeteria supervisor (for some people the lunch lady). I take care of feeding 300 students from K-5.


We’ve been selected the best kitchen staff in the school district. Plus, for the last two years, our Principal has been awarded as the best Principal from the state of North Dakota. I can’t complain. There is no question I was waiting anxiously for this day to come. However, I’ll miss the noisy breakfast and the lunch period.


For the next three months I’m going to enjoy every second of my time off, hoping to take care of myself in a better way. Recharging my strength and my mind and sitting on my cozy chair streaming my favorite shows.

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SoCS~ Cozy (Rhyme with “rosy”)