SoCS~ “Chocolate”

Chocolate and cheesecake are my weakness. It’s hard to control this unhealthy habit especially when you have children in the house. I get very cranky and desperate for sweets. My husband always ended running to the store to get some of my favorite sweets.

I have changed my diet numerous times and after a few days I can resist having sweet. Diets don’t help me at all. When I am on a diet my cravings for sweets intensified and I get moody. The longest time I have been without any sweet it has been for a week also. Of course, it all depends on the situation. I check my sugar levels daily and they are high.

At this point I don’t what else to do and how I’m going to control my cravings. I know I have to keep trying to lower my sugar. I already clean up my stash of sweets. I almost cry, really not kidding. Also, everyone it’s aware that I have to do this. If my girls or husband want a sweet, they need to get the ones I don’t like. Let’s see how it goes especially my mood.


SoCS~ “Chocolate” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ Direction

Our Governor has opened the state since Friday, May 1st with some guidelines. In our state, 80% of the people think it’s too soon, meaning he has listened to the 20% of the people who wants to go to restaurants, beauty salon, bars, and gyms. From a quiet town, fewer cars on the highways and our streets now you can hear all the noise again.

The lines of vehicles to go in those places are huge. They already have a few fights at the bars and the cops have been busy. And my daughter has been receiving phone calls for hair appointments. For the next couple of weeks, she will be extremely busy.

The 20% has spoken and my personal opinion they’re risking others’ health. The 80% was just asking for another week and open a little bit at a time. Meanwhile, my family and I will take precautions to keep using the mask and be careful where we can go. I hope the business will follow the guidelines and directions the Governor has put in place.


SoCS~Direction is hosted by Linda G. Hill.


I have been doing my family tree for around five years. Yesterday, a lady contacts me in Ancestry following her curiosity about having the same relatives. After a little bit of sharing information, she was my mother’s cousin on her dad’s side.

I don’t remember her; however, she mentions she did visit us when I was young. I do remember her mother and my mother talking about her aunt. We exchange information about our relatives and she sends me a few pictures of my grandfather, her uncle. I’m very happy to finally have a few pictures of him. He died in the ‘70s. I was a teenager and we didn’t get to see him as much as we all wanted. There were a lot of family issues that cause a little bit of distance between the families. A valuable lesson that later in life no one will never forget.

This is my grandfather the way I do remember him tall, big glasses, and wearing his hat.



SoCS~”val” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ “Practice”

After weeks of social distancing, this situation is driving me nuts. One thing I’m grateful for my husband and I are still working. The place he works have then on rotation and the days he’s at home he’s on called, taking classes online and gets paid.

In our schools, the teachers and administrators are working from their home except for the custodians and us the kitchen staff. We have been bagging breakfast and lunches for the kids and parents will pick it up between 11-1. Our district has twelve schools and only five are open to prepared and pick up lunches and mine it’s one of them.

To keep everyone on the payroll they send the other staff kitchen to the open schools. In our school, two other elementary kitchen staff are working with us. I also have to rotate the staff because of the social distancing only eight can be at the building. When we are off, we also get paid but we have to be on called until 1. Everyone gets along very well and the schedule has been working great.

With this pandemic and social distance, we are having some tough times. As a group, I can see how everyone has been affected by this coronavirus. We missed our routine, our students and the rest of the staff members. We don’t know when the schools will be back to normal. We have 24 days of school left and not seeing the students has been tough.

I’m feeling bored, tired and listening to the News it’s making me anxious. My pile of books to read is down to two. What I’m going to read next? I can’t go to Barnes and Noble’s they are limiting customers inside the store and I need my time to find good books. I guess I can download books on my kindle, however, I love the touch of the books it feels right.

What about the word “practice” for this prompt? It looks like I didn’t use it at all. The only thing I can say that I have been practicing my lettering for my bullet journal. But with this feeling of being bored nothing looks fun anymore. Also, with the social distance, I’ve never realized I’m a hugger and I missed it.


SoCS~ “Practice” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ “beside me”

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “beside you.” Write about whatever is beside you when you read this prompt. Not when you sit down to write, but whatever is beside you right now. Take note of it if you think you might forget. Enjoy!

This prompt has been fun to write and it gives me the chance to stay away from the News. Since I’m sitting on my couch this is what I have beside me is an end table with the remote control, my phone, my drink and a bottle of Aveeno body lotion. My hands are very dry and I have to apply lotion all the time. The drink can be water or a cup of coffee, at this moment what I have is water. I forgot to mention I do have a notebook and a pen next to me. I love taking notes especially if I’m working on my family tree or getting a few ideas from Pinterest for my journal.

SoCS~”Beside me” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ “Welcome”

A little bit of info on what’s going in my state. The cases of Covid19 are up to 28. Schools and businesses are close for the exception of the grocery stores; some other places are adjusting their hours. As for me, I work this week at the school and I’ll be working next week. We have been cleaning our kitchen and bagging breakfast and lunch for the kids. I don’t know how far we will keep bagging lunches or there is a chance they can close the schools for the rest of the year.

Everything is uncertain at this time. Our lives have changed so fast. We have our last mass on Thursday, this has been the saddest lent. Schools and church services will be online.

I always believe things happen for a reason. It’s time to reflect the way we have been living our lives. We have taken everything for granted. Let’s use this experience to live a little differently and make some changes. Spend more time in our homes with our love ones. Cook homemade food, watch TV, read and play with the children. Let’s cherish what we have, we don’t know our tomorrows. I’m already missing my little ones from school their smiles and their crankiness.

Be Happy, enjoy your home, your love ones and Welcome to our new ways of living.


SoCS “Welcome” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS- disconnect

For this weekend I’ve disconnected myself from social media (so far so good). My phone is full of notifications from friends and family; however, I need this. Too many posts about the coronavirus, politics (this is an election year), and too much negative information from other places that I decide I need a break. I wish some of my Facebook friends would post more positive messages. I love reading funny posts, cute messages or pictures of pets however the panic about the virus or the insults of the politicians has been a Facebook favorite.

It has been a nice quiet Saturday. This morning I did a little cleaning and later read a book. Then again, I remember “Saturday equals SoCS prompt” so I took a few minutes to write a post. I won’t check Facebook until Monday. As soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m going to watch a movie with my husband. Of course, we are debating which movie to watch.

Good night everyone it’s time to disconnect. My husband decides to watch Netflix Lost in Space season 2. I’m ready with my glass of wine.


SoCS~ “ect” (disconnect) is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ The “Coqui” from Puerto Rico

The “Coqui” it’s one of the sounds I most missed from my island Puerto Rico. This little frog is part of our culture and we can’t believe how this tiny frog can make this loud sound. The sound of the “Coqui” it’s part of our culture and it’s the sound we all love. The “Coqui” it’s one of the most beautiful tiny frogs. We as Puerto Rican or like we call ourselves Boricuas love our “Coqui”. As a child, I would try to catch them, but I never got lucky in getting one. The best time to hear them it’s at night or when it’s raining. Of course, you have to have lots of plants that’s where they like to hide. The sound of the “Coqui” makes me miss my home.

SoCS~ “animal sounds” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.

SoCS~ “Pack”

After a tough month of January, the beginning of this one it’s looking better. Because I’m feeling better, I have the strength to pack all my holiday decorations and put it away. Also, I went yesterday to buy groceries and a few things for Valentine’s day. I’m packing a box for my girls in Arizona with chocolate candies, teddy bears and a few books. It has to be mailed no later than tomorrow so they can get it before Friday.

SoCS~ “pack” is hosted by Linda G. Hill.