SoCS~ “Pack”

After a tough month of January, the beginning of this one it’s looking better. Because I’m feeling better, I have the strength to pack all my holiday decorations and put it away. Also, I went yesterday to buy groceries and a few things for Valentine’s day. I’m packing a box for my girls in Arizona with chocolate candies, teddy bears and a few books. It has to be mailed no later than tomorrow so they can get it before Friday.

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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2020 Daily Prompt – Jan. 11th

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “the first 3 words of the first full sentence.” Okay, follow me here. This is what I want you to do: 1. Grab the closest book to you when you sit down to write your post. 2. Open it to a random page. 3. Locate the first complete sentence on that page. 4. Use the first three words of that sentence to start your post, then take it from there–write whatever comes to mind. That’s it! Have fun!

Thirty years ago, I was living in Puerto Rico. We have our two oldest kids and we were living in his grandmother’s house. My husband has a part-time job and he was in the Army National Guard. Money was tight and I can’t even find a job.

My husband decided for our family to join the ARMY in May 1989. He already has the basic training from the National Guard so it was an easy process simply filling the paperwork, signing- in and moved. His first assignment the state of Texas. We follow him in October 1989. My two oldest kids were 5 and 3. It was one of the hardest decisions we have made, however it was the right one. The only regret we have it’s being so far away from our families.

Otherwise, our lives have been great, we have a chance to travel and live in different countries. Our favorite has been Nuremberg, Germany the best 4 years of our life. However, from living a great life also we were aware of the dangerous situations any person who joins the military. My husband has been in two wars “Desert Storm” in Kuwait 1990 and the Iraq War 2003. Also, he would be gone for weeks or months for training we barely got to see him. He retired in 2008 when he suffered an injury in one of the trainings.

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SoCS & JusJoJan “ow” Jan 4, 2020

The past few days we got enough snow for the girls to build their snowman before heading back to Arizona. All 4 of my grandkids were making the snowman and having a snowball fight. They have a lot of fun.

This morning, meanwhile the girls are sleeping, I finish packing their luggage. The girls are flying tonight. It was a wonderful Christmas vacation. Everyone enjoys the time together and now the girls who came with one luggage and leaving with two. After tonight, I would start taking down the Christmas decorations and start working on some of my to-do lists. For now, it’s time for another cup of coffee.

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SoCS~ “Year”

A reflection of this past year.

This year has had its ups and down nothing has been perfect, still, I feel I did better than last year. Setting up a bullet journal (bujo) in April has been a great help with organizing and finishing tasks. Also, a quick reminder of appointments and important events. I can’t believe how much this bullet journal has helped in organizing my work and personal life.

At work, everything has been fantastic. I love my job; however, I have days where the stress can ruin my entire day. What makes my job stressful? The attitude of some of the students who don’t have any respect for others.

I have been enjoying more quality time with my family, however, analyzing how my year went I can do better. I need to incorporate more visits or phone calls with my siblings and be a better friend to my friends. I need to call them more often.

I didn’t write much this past year I put it aside. I’m concentrated on taking care of my health. I didn’t realize taking care of my health it was tougher than I thought.

Next year, it’s going to be great. My health will stay as my priority because without my health I can’t do anything.

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SoCS~ “Jingle Bells”

The prompt word for today is “ingle”. Perfect prompt for this time of the year. In a few days, we will be celebrating Christmas with the family. By the way, WooHoo!!! Schools out until next year!! Cheers my friends!!

Tonight, I’m having a family gathering this is what Christmas it’s all about. Spending time with the family and cherishing every single moment. Also, my two oldest granddaughters are arriving from Phoenix. I’m very excited and I can’t wait to spend Christmas with my loved ones.

Back to the prompt, “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way! Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh… it’s the song my granddaughter who is 3 sings every time she comes to the house. It’s the only song she knows and loves. I’ve been teaching her different songs like “Santa is coming to town”, “Frosty the Snowman” or “Feliz Navidad” however she keeps singing Jingle Bells. So, when she’s here then “Jingle Bells” it is.

Wishing you love, peace, happiness, and a little magic during this holiday season.

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SoCS~ “Loud”

A few years ago, I used to have my kids running around the house and be loud. The kitchen was the most important part of the house with the bathroom being the second. I didn’t have the time to sit down and the days didn’t have enough hours to do everything it has to be done. My three children were talkers, very active, and they would fight for the TV. I missed those days.

Years passed and my adult children have moved out and have their own families. Now they are the ones with a loud house, meanwhile I have an empty nest. My home gets so quiet that I get bored. The housework is done quickly, it takes 2 small loads of laundry a week. If I wanted, I can skip a week of laundry.


I miss the old days; I remember running to the bathroom and I have to wait long minutes until one of my children would come out. I missed the calling “mom” or “grandma” when they need something or they were hungry. I love it when they all come to spend time together and I can hear the loud voices and the laughs. Next week I will have a full house for Christmas I can wait to have a loud house again.




















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SoCS~ “Flyer/ad”

Do you know how many flyers and ads for the holiday I have received? Too many. Since the week of Halloween, the flyers have been arriving in the mail almost every day including catalogs.

Every year I want to start shopping early, so I can enjoy the holidays. But it doesn’t work as I plan there always something that pops up. For example, today my plans were to go to the shopping mall and get some candles and soap from one of my favorite stores Bath & Body Works. I got an ad with a coupon for 20% off so this is a good deal, however my plans change when I have to babysit my granddaughter. Now it will be tomorrow because as soon I start shopping, I can relax later on.





















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Last night’s dream

I’ve been sick since yesterday and sleeping all day. I decide to write about a dream I had last night. The majority of my dreams are kind of strange and this is one of them.

In my dream, my best friend Lucy who passed away in 1982 at the age of 23 came to visit. She hugs me and I ask her why she’s so cold. She laughs at me, keeps touching my hands, and says boo. When we were younger Lucy always tries to scare me. She keeps talking and laughing. I saw in her hands a box. It was a gift for me. When I opened it, I see a puppy with a beautiful diamond collar and the ears were blue. Lucy looks excited about the puppy, but not me. I said to her why you are giving me this the puppy? Lucy looks confused and says, stop being silly, this puppy is very special and I choose you to take care of him. And look at that beautiful collar don’t you get it. No, I don’t get it. She keeps talking and talking meanwhile I’m holding the puppy. I touch the puppy’s ears and the color blue turn to green. Lucy gave me another hug and this time she says, please take care of the puppy and stop complicating your life. I look at her with tears in my eyes. Then she was gone. I didn’t have a chance to tell her how much I missed her.

I wake up with a high temperature and tears coming down. That’s my last night’s dream. It always happens when I dream about Lucy, she always brings me a strange gift.

I always remember her and I missed her very much. Lucy was special to me. Besides she was my best friend, we were like sisters. After she passed away, I have never had another friend like her.

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SoCS~ “Nuts”

Halloween is over and I have a neighbor who it’s decorating for Christmas. I’m looking from my window and I noticed that last night we had a little snow on the ground. It looks and feels like the holiday spirit is here.

I told my husband to let’s start decorating for Christmas. He looks at me like are you nuts? Usually, I decorate the house after Thanksgiving, but with the feeling that time flies so fast, I will like to have the house all decorated. It makes me feel wonderful.

Maybe I’m nuts, however if I have it all done a little earlier, I can enjoy how pretty the house gets. I love sitting in the night in my chair and looking at the villages and the tree. Do you think this makes sense? Maybe not. However, the idea of how close we are from the holidays it’s making myself nuts. No doubt I love the holiday season.

SoCS~ “Nuts” hosted by Linda G. Hill.