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The Escapist Coloring Club~April

Here is my April coloring page. It took me awhile, but I did it. 















The Escapist Coloring Club is hosted by Linda G. Hill.







One-Liner Wednesday & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt Jan 2-2019

“Write in on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson





One-Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan 2019 is bought to you by Linda G. Hill.


#JusJoJan 2019

One-Liner Wednesday~ The True about mosquitoes!

  “I don’t care what people think of me… at least mosquitoes find ME attractive.”


One-Liner Wednesday is hosted by Linda G. Hill. Visit the link and join the fun.

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

#1linerWeds badge by Dan Antion

I’m out

Please help an author!

I’m out. Of money, that is. It’s official. I went to the grocery store today to pick up some essentials and I got the dreaded “Insufficient Funds” screen on the debit machine. Though it’s killing me to do so, I’d like to ask a favour.

If you haven’t already, please buy my book. If you have, or if you have a friend who might like it, please direct them to it. Reblog, share on social media, have a parade down the main street of your town or city, whatever it is you normally do to get attention. If I can get to $100 in royalties, Amazon will pay me next month – they hold smaller amounts.

If you know me, you know I never ask for anything. I hate asking for anything. Please, just share this post. And if you have 99¢ and want to read a really funny book…

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A Hero with No Powers!

I’m happy my nephew is writing those books. I can’t wait to read them….


Story by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Luke Moyer

Sailors have many options to spend the little free time they get on deployment; they can play video games or watch movies, but Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Alex Perez uses his precious minutes to make children’s books for his family.

He wants his kids to change the world, and he is writing a guide for them to do just that. Perez currently has two books in the works, one for his daughters and nephew and one for kids closer to middle school age.

Perez, from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, has been drawing since he was in the 1st grade.

“It was always a hobby of mine,” said Perez. “I would watch cartoons as a kid and just start drawing the characters.”

Whenever Perez drew, he would usually stick to characters from his favorite shows, including Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon. He sometimes…

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Hate to Love

I wrote about my guilty pleasures on a post not too long ago “No Apologies”, however I’ve realized I’ve a few new guilty pleasures. I’ve been spending a lot of my time in Pinterest, reading cozy mysteries, and writing short stories that I keep in a file with the intention of one day others can enjoy.

I’ve Pinterest since last year, but it’s not until a month ago that I decide to take it further. It’s has been entertaining, relaxing, and fun. I love creating boards from decoration, recipes, history, and traveling. Its fun seeing what others like also I do like to take a few ideas from them. I’m not on Facebook as much I use to be; sometimes it makes me feel more depressed. My new guilty pleasure I will say is Pinterest.



Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

Thanks for the great idea, Ana Santos!

Asking for Help – Please Share and Help Me Find My Sister

Let’s help Jason to find his sister!